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Video Management - Camera Systems

More than just a camera system

An old VCR can record video, but putting that video to work, like easily finding theft events, tracking receipts, and detecting intrusions in real time needs something more advanced.    Meet Polygon, the most advanced small business camera system available.  Not only record video, but get a real-time count of traffic in and out of retail spaces, and parking lots. Receive email alerts when an object is removed from view, and even detect perimeter intrusions.  Better yet, this all works with any type of camera.  Connect analog, IP, and wireless cameras with full support for all video analytic features.   

Video Analytics

Do more than just record video

Video can be very useful.  See if an employee came in on time.  Find out who was last in a room, or who previously used a tool.  However, this information is not very useful if getting it requires you to watch hours of video footage.  Let video analytics do the watching for you!

Intrusion Detection and Perimeter Monitoring

Keep an eye on your parking lot or other large spaces with advanced Intrusion and Perimeter monitoring.  Visually draw a line on your screen and be alerted when a person or vehicle crosses the line.

Intrusion Detection

Facial Recognition

Most of the time it is human activity that we are looking for in video.  Speed up the search with Facial Recognition.  For example:  You want to know who came in your back door between 12pm and 4pm last Friday.  You could watch all the video, and keep a note pad handy, or you could let Facial Recognition present you with a list of faces that were detected during that time.

Real Time Facial Detection

Object Counting

Easily count people coming in an entrance or leaving and exit, or count the number of cars coming in and out of your parking areas.  Just define a "in" area and an "out" area on any camera and as objects pass between the areas, they're counted. 

Real time counter

Missing Object Detection

Be notified by email if an object goes missing.  For example: You want to be alerted if a vehicle is moved from your parking lot, but other activity in the parking lot can be ignored.

Missing Object Detection

Unattended Object Detection

Be notified by email if an object is introduced into a scene that is not supposed to be there.  For example: You want to be alerted if a hallway is blocked or a box is left.

Unattended Object Detection

Advanced Motion Detection

Each individual camera can be set to record either on motion activity or 24 hours around the clock. For motion recording, a full suite of masking (example: ignore swaying trees), and sensitivity adjustment is available.  This is great for recording only when something is happening, and preventing house of empty video in your log. However, even with motion detection turned on, this can still result in hours of video if the area is busy, like a lobby.  Enter Advanced Motion Detection, which can be activated after the fact. Example: You notice a large gouge in a wall that wasn't there last week, but its hard to say when exactly it happed between then and now.  Just turn on Advanced Motion Detection, draw a box around the problem area, and be shown a list of everything that happened in that area over the past week!

Advanced Motion Detection

PTZ - Object Tracking

Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras area great! You can freely position the camera at the proper place and see exactly what is going on. But if your away from the controls, and the camera is looking to the left when something happens to the right, its not recorded.  Bummer.  Allow Object Tracking to take over. Once enabled, Object Tracking will follow an object around the scene.  You can take control of the camera at any time, and Object Tracking will resume if left idle too long.

PTZ Object Tracking

Visual Automation

Connect devices like door locks, lights, motors, or anything else to the camera system and control it remotely with Visual Automation. 

Put anywhere

High Resolution Camera Support

If you have a high resolution camera - you should have the tools to utilize it

High resolution video demands different tools than standard definition.  Enjoy Picture in Picture, Picture AND Picture, and full screen support to get the most of the additional pixels a high resolution camera brings.

IP Camera Picture in Picture

See a wide view of the entire scene, and a close up all at the same time.  The PIP window is easily manipulated with the mouse for exacting control.


IP Camera Picture AND Picture

Picture In Picture is a great feature, but sometimes you want to watch more than one area closely while still keeping a wide angle view of the overall scene.  Just select PAP for any IP camera and get a close up view on up to 3 areas while still keeping a scene overview.


Video Archive Features

Searching for, and then saving video should be easy

It's nice to have weeks, months ,or years of video piled up, but advanced features are needed to easily sort through it all and find what you're looking for.

Video Enhancement

So you have the video of the event, but it was dark, foggy, and far away.  No problem.  Increase your odds of identification with after the fact real time Video Enhancement.  Options include: Defog, Image Stabilization, Light Enhancement, Contrast, Brightness, and more!

Video Enhancement

Time Date Search

If you know the day, just select it and start watching.  View one or multiple cameras at the same time.  Play forward, backward, and in slow motion.  Supports video scrubbing with a slider, and the all the Video Enhancement features mentioned above.

Time & Date Search

Advanced Analytical Search

Select a camera. Draw a box around the area of interest in the picture, then search all the video for Motion events, Facial Detection, Object Counting, or Missing Object Detection.  This works even if you didn't have it turned on when the video was recorded!

Advanced Search

Video Backup

Saving video clips is easy.  Video can be exported as AVI and burned directly to a CD or DVR, or saved to flash drive.

Video Backup


As future proof as it gets

You can start with as little as 4 cameras and expand up to 32.  Cameras can be any combination of analog, IP, or wireless.  Software upgrades are also free.

Capture Hardware

The life blood of the system is the dedicated capture hardware that accelerates video compression and manages all video sources.  Cards are available in 4, 8, 16, and 32 camera sizes.  Cards can be cascaded in a single system.

Capture Card

Storage Time

Because the video is recorded based on actual events like motion, or intrusion alarms.  It is nearly impossible to determine ahead of time the exact amount of video time that a given system will record.  However some educated guess can be made based on previous installations.  In general we'll add enough storage space to meet your desired storage time. For example: 30, 60, 90+ days.

Have More Questions?

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