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Digital Signage Player

Full 1080p HD Video

After your screens are designed, play them in full HD on any size LCD, Plasma, or projector. With our compact put-anywhere signage player, no need to have an equipment closet or dedicated rack.  On board HDMI out, VGA out, and wifi make hookup a breeze.  Hardware accelereated animations, video, and screen transitions deliver flawless content to your customers.  Just turn it on and forget about it.  The player auto-updates and is managed through the same signage interface you designed your screens at!

Play Content Anywhere

Can mount directly to the back of the display

Sometimes a wall mounted TV is perfect, but other times you need to position your display in easy view of your customers, like on a counter.  With a display mountable player, you have the freedom to

See how simple creating your screens can be.

Easy to connect, easy to use

The designer is a complete layout and screen creation tool, minimizing the need to flip back and forth between multiple programs, and giving capabilities traditionally not available in a web based application.

Hardware Acceleration

Video and animations are smooth thanks to the intergrated high performance Nvidia GPU

3D Support Included

Easy Connection

Includes outputs for both HDMI and VGA for a fast hookup to almost any display.

Connectoins for any TV

Any Resolution

If you want a small 7" checkout counter display or a full wall projector, all currently possible resolutions and screen sizes are supported. 

Any screen, any resolution

No Maintenance, Auto Update

Design your screens, schedule them to one of your players and your done.  Program updates and schedule changes are automatic.


Fits Anywhere

Can easily be hidden away above the ceiling, behind a wall, or evey directly mounted to the back of the display! 

Put anywhere

Auto Screen Scaling

Design a screen for any resolution display, even vertical.  The content on the screen is auto-scaled in real time! Easy.

Auto Screen Scaling

Simple Player Management

All your players at a glance

Whether you have a single screen or many locations, managing your screens and what is playing on them should be easy.  Our single page player status page shows the current activity on all your screens at once. Group players anyway you want, and assign schedules to multiple players at the same time. Easy.

Quick Status Check of all your players

Easily see the status of all your players at the same time, on the same screen.

Check Player Status

Player Grouping

If you have more than a couple screens, you might think keeping them all straight would be a challenge.  No so with our grouping system.  Create a group, add players to that group, then schedule and make changes to the entire group at once.

Player Grouping

Have More Questions?

We are here to help! Something so nice and feature rich can't always be explained on one web page. Drop us a line , or give us a call at (800) 686-8806 to discuss your situation.

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