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Introducing: Spotlight - Digital Signage

True in-browser design environment

Forget installing hard to use programs to design your screens.  Spotlight is a simple fully browser based design application using the latest web 2.0 technology.  Preview and position animations, video, and RSS feeds in real time with our powerful layout designer and then immediately schedule your creations to a screen. 

Screen Designer

Audio Recording

Powerful and cloud based

Easily create static or dynamic screens using pictures, text, video, audio, RSS feeds and more.  Not sure where to start?  Don't worry, we've included some great looking professional templates to get you started. The built-in public libraries also have a large collection of stock content.  If you already have your own content, screen designer will accept over 100 types of images, and 30 video formats!  Simply add elements and position to your liking, save, and you're done!

See how simple creating your screens can be.

Extensive Built-In Features

Superior Software

The designer is a complete layout and screen creation tool, minimizing the need to flip back and forth between multiple programs, and giving capabilities traditionally not available in a web based application.

3D Support

Position objects in 2D and 3D! Create a dramatic effect for text, pictures, video, and anything else.

3D Support Included

Audio Recording

Have an announcement, or a special product to tell everyone about? Audio recording controls let you record directly into the program and set as the background audio of a screen!

Audio Recording

Public and Private Libraries

Don't worry about having the image you're looking for on your current computer, upload the images once and access them from anywhere.  Our large collection of pubic images can get you started if you're not sure what you're looking for!

Library Management

Full Screen Preview w/ Layout

Why wait, preview your creation complete with videos and RSS feeds full screen. Feature also allows editing in full screen mode for better control of details.

Preview in full screen

Dynamic Variables

Add dynamic content directly to the screen. Built-in functions like minimum alcohol age, date time, and, countdown timers let you display changing values without having to update the screen just to show a single change.

Dynamic Variables

Auto Screen Scaling

Design a screen for any resolution display, even vertical.  If you want to change the resolution later, all the content on the screen is auto-scaled in real time to the new size! Easy.

Auto Screen Scaling


Audio Recording

Multiple schedules, multiple screens: full control.

Schedule your screens by using the simple drag and drop interface. Get creative with built-in transitions and custom screen overlays.  Need to display something at a particular time? No Problem with timed playlists.  Supports selecting specific start/end dates and times.  You can even create schedules for future dates and times then assign them to a player later.

Drag and drop interface

Position objects in 2D and 3D, anywhere on the canvas. No fussy fields or convoluted commands to learn.  You can start right away!

Drag and Drop Screens

Multi-Layer Support

Sometimes you need a simple schedule, but sometimes you need more options.  Create multi-layer schedules and easily accommodate content that doesn't change from one screen to the next, like scrolling RSS feeds or a company logo.

Create Multi-Layer Schedules

Timed Playlists

Place a set of screens in a timed playlist and define a start date, end date, and the days and times. Screens can override other screens at that time, or mix with other timed playlists.

Timed Playlists

Player Management

All your players at a glance

Whether you have a single screen or many locations, managing your screens and what is playing on them should be easy.  Our single page player status page shows the current activity on all your screens at once. Group players anyway you want, and assign schedules to multiple players at the same time. Easy.

Quick Status Check of all your players

Easily see the status of all your players at the same time, on the same screen.

Check Player Status

Player Grouping

If you have more than a couple screens, you might think keeping them all straight would be a challenge.  No so with our grouping system.  Create a group, add players to that group, then schedule and make changes to the entire group at once.

Player Grouping

Website Integration

Players aren't only for TV's. With our innovative WebPlayer you can embed a virtual screen in your website complete with RSS, scrolling text, and video.  Create and assign schedules to the WebPlayer like any other player.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

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